Meowing with my mouth full. -- Three Cats in the Hills

Zeus the black cat decided he would move in. He likes to bring a rock up onto the deck and leave it for us now and then during the night. Some times he is very excited about his rock and meows with his mouth full.

"Merur mrer (clunk goes the stone on the deck) Meow!"

Also he brings victims, living and not, and sometimes meows with his mouth full.

Gentoo Linux on Raspberry Pi 3

Gentoo Linux on the Raspberry Pi 3 makes up a set of powerful tools. Combined with hordes of spi/i2c/gpio peripherals available on the web (cough amazon), amazing and fun devices are possible. Go thata-way for my particular set of choices.

I've brought up a GPS based stratum 1 ntp server ( The original Garmin gps35 based unit has been down for a while. I now have a Raspberry Pi 3 with a u-blox running pps using chrony and am getting sub-microsecond performance. I'll try to bring this online soon.

Technical information about Three Cats in the Hills.

Some of the electronic items I've designed or built are documented.

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1980's was a grim time for any railroad watcher. Nonetheless, I made many trips to Santa Clara yard on the Southern Pacific to watch what freight was running during those years. I've scanned a few of the pictures I took then and they are at the web site.

The White Pass and Yukon railroad is an incredible train trip. Here are many pictures of a trip up the WP & Y railroad during a summertime ride.

I was walking in the front yard and checking out the young redwood tree I planted a few years ago. I've seen a praying mantis in the branches, which was interesting. Well, I look today, and oh, my, there is a a snake sitting on the branch in the tree! It looked pretty relaxed resting there. I bet it was enjoying the cool breeze we started to get about then after the minor heat wave of the last couple of days.
I checked up and it looks like this is a California Red-sided Gartersnake.

Some likely-to-be-silly personal pictures and etc. And the turkeys are back. This time with a flock of 22 young birds. Looks like the Male has two hens (that I saw) and all the young'uns. Cough.

Had a moment to peruse some code and wrote a machine epsilon that runs through the three FPU modes on an x86 floating point unit under linux.

Here's my contribution to today's "3/14" pi day:

Mr Circle never met a radius he didn't like.

Google Takebacks

Google has removed the ability that let you embed a news categories search string into a web page. Their news categories were cool, so I was using this on my server here. Note that this did not require a "login" to google. No, google, I don't want to "login" to the "internet." Cough.

The rest of this is a churning sea of web, all different.

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